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Crack-Life is a comedy based mod for the original Half-Life that replaces sounds, models, and weapons with things seen in memes, movies, TV, pop culture and even offensive things. It was created by siemka123 and was released on July 10th, 2012.

Overview Edit

Crack-Life is a revamp of the Half-Life campaign. Like mentioned above, all of the models and sounds are replaced. It Includes weak character and weapon skins for the NPCs and Weapons, new sounds and a new weapon that can only be accssed using cheats.

Story Edit

Crack-Life's story is slightly different from Half-Life's story. 

After Fordon Greenman arrives at the Anomalous Materials Laboratory and donning his HEV Suit, Fordon goes to the test chamber to execute the test but before he could enter the test chamber, he finds himself face to face with a random scientist and the scientist conducting his test.

The random scientist tells Fordon that him and Fordon will have to have sex, the other scientist says that he is wearing a HEV Suit and he wouldn't be able to have sex with him because of that. The random scientist then tells the other scientist to shut up and that he knows he is going to start a Nazi apocalypse because he heard about his plan to do so, the other scientist then tells him to shut the fuck up and that there is going to be no Nazi apocalypse, the random scientist then says that as long as he's getting payed enough, everything should go smoothly. 

After that, Fordon enters the test chamber and executes the test but after he does that, a portal to Nazi Germany and the scientist conducting his test reveals himself to be a Nazi and that he conducted the test to open a portal to Nazi Germany so that Nazis can come through the portal and invade Black Mesa and start the Nazi apocalypse.

After those unfortunate effent, Fordon sets out to close the portal and stop the Nazi apocalypse.

Allies and EnemiesEdit


  • Scientist
  • Security guard


  • Slav (Replaces the Zombie)
  • Gentleman Headcrab (Replaces the Headcrab)
  • Nazi (Replaces the Vortigaunt)
  • HOH SIS Grunt (Replaces the Alien Grunt)
  • DO YOU SUCK DICKS?! (Replaces the Snark)
  • H.E.C.U Marine (Replaces the H.E.C.U Marine, No name was given for it)
  • The most annoying Houndeye in the world (Replaces the Houndeye)
  • Billysquid (Replaces the Bullsquid)
  • WTF IS THAT?! (Replaces the Gonarch)
  • Filthy Controller (Replaces the Alien Controller)
  • Viking Gargantua (Replaces the Gargantua)
  • Adolf Hitler (Replaces the nihilanth).

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