• Released: July 27, 2011 (2013 update released in October 27, 2013)
  • Engine: HL2 (Original ver.), Portal 2 (2013 update)
  • Author: Galactic Cafe

The Stanley Parable is an experimental narrative-driven first person game. It is an exploration of choice, freedom, storytelling and reality, all examined through the lens of what it means to play a video game.

You will make a choice that does not matter

You will follow a story that has no end

You will play a game you cannot win's actually best if you don't know anything about it before you play it :D

TSP does not actually require Half Life 2 on PC, only the Source SDK Base 2007 which should download automatically when you start the game. On Mac, HL2 is required. The 2013 update for The Stanley Parable doesn't require HL2, even on Macs.


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